ANV is a leading systems designer and integrator focusing nationally on the design and deployment of network infrastructure and software / hardware solutions. With our Head Office in Benoni and satellite offices in KZN & CPT, ANV responds to your corporate needs with technology- driven solutions to streamline your facilities and service requirements.

With a long history of national Software and Hardware implementation, ANV delivers
proven integrated technologies including Time & Attendance, Access control, Electronic Training Platform, Induction and OHS Platform, Vehicle and Visitor Management, License Plate Recognition, Open platform IP CCTV with High Quality Audio, NVR recording, Enterprise Server and storage solution, perimeter intrusion and alarm monitoring to deliver seamlessly integrated solutions which optimise IT and networking standards. From initiation to completion, ANV is committed to
keeping you online.We plan, design, develop & manufacture comprehensive seamlessly integrated technology driven electronic solutions to guide, direct, manage, protect and monitor all business facilities, equipment & systems.

Our particular offerings range from security access control to monitoring quality assurance, customer feedback, digital & remote video management, business analysis services, to mention but a few. From initiation to completion, ANV can provide you with meaningful information regarding mangement control of your enterprise.


ANV performs technology audits and site surveys to review our client’s key business flow and security concerns. Upon review a needs analysis is produced which
addresses, immediate security requirements as well as longer term network and security planning strategies.


We assist our clients with product selection decisions, project planning and budgeting to identify needs specific and cost beneficial solutions.


Once designed, ANV provides careful project management expertise to supply, install, test and commission your integrated hardware and software platform. Implementation includes scheduling of the technical team, purchasing and
scheduling delivery of your equipment, handling documentation, training the customer’s IT and security personnel and confirming the standards and quality of the
completed project.


In today’s business environment it is critical to provide solutions to our customer’s individual needs. Traditionally the main threat would have applied to valuables, these
days there can be additional threats to data, equipment, and records. The scope of potential offenders has also increased and now includes walk-in thieves, opportunistic contractors, time theft, Ghost employees and disgruntled exemployees.
To combat these threats ANV offers a comprehensive hardware and software services.


Improvements in technology mean that the inclusion of Analytics will allow you to
implement intelligent IP CCTV software with enhanced images that can be enlarge to
reveal fine detail of all CCTV recordings. Video Analytics are developed by computer
vision experts. By ignoring irrelevant activity that is typically the cause of false
alarms. ANV Video Analytics relays only significant data or further analysis. What’s
more is that they are extremely reliable even in the harshest of environments.
Analytics are optimized to produce reliable and accurate information for a range of
applications, including:  401

• Motion Tracking
• Object Classification
• People / Vehicle Counting
• Virtual Fence
• Alarm zone(s) / restricted areas
• Left/Removed Object
• Wrong Direction
• Loitering
• Dwell Time
• Occupancy
• Auto-PTZ Tracking
• Automatic License Plate Recognition


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Security Access Control
Digital and remote video
Business Analysis Services