Time Manager Platinum

 Our software solution will ensure a successful payroll run every time.

User friendly and reliable time
management software

Time Manager Platinum is a user friendly and reliable time and attendance software package that will cater for your every need, with an interface to over 32 payroll packages our software solution will ensure a successful payroll run every time.

Our locally developed software is responsible for paying thousands of employees locally and internationally.

Time Manager Platinum has a multi- user platform that allows users to manage information and reportssimultaneously (stand-alone, LAN or WAN).
Software security and system auditing features ensure confidentiality and
employee management.
Normal time, Overtime, Saturday overtime, Sunday overtime, Late
arrivals, Early departures, Long lunch or Smoke breaks are all standard features and are available in reports.

User definable absenteeism codes and leave module work hand in hand with
our software solution.
Fixed shifts, Rotating shifts, Rostersand Auto shift detection ensure precise time calculations to provide flawless timesheets and reports.
Reports can be exported into any electronic format and can be automatically emailed to supervisors
or managers providing seamless efficiency.


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