We are very proud of our partnership with BioMaster, bringing you South African developer software, unique to the South African electronics and security market.

We have a suite of products that are fully integrated with each other that provides seamless data flow and reporting.

Products that are designed to be easy to use yet provide a very high level of sophistication and performance delivery.


Central identification, information and data synchronisation repository that manages your central database across multiple platforms and sites anywhere in the world.

BioMaster is an integratable cloud-based solution that integrates all BioMaster products into a single platform, enabling you to work with a single true idehtity across all products.

Each product is designed to synchronise seamlessly with your existing systems, to provide you with impenetrable business security, access control and unmatched employee identity management in the cloud.

Our solution is comprehensive, and Includes various modules for Access Control, Handheld, Lobby, Induction, Mobile, LPR, and customisable solutions.


Ensures Data Redundancy when a server fails or may need maintenance


Less equipment is required
Less cost and maintenance

Cloud Backup

Data is automatically synced with the cloud

Scalable Solution

Ultra Lite software through enterprise soloutions  383

BioAccess takes the frustration out of traditional
access control. It's a fully IP-based solution, that's easy
to install and configure, with features rivalling the biggest access control solutions.  384

• BioMaster Enterprise
• Maximum Devices: Unlimited
• Manage a Master file of Users
• Assign Access Rights to Users
• Basic Device Operations - Full Download, Log Download/T&A Export
• Scheduling of Device Operations
• Time Limit to prevent double clocking
• Set Multi System User Rights
• Live Dashboard/Scanner Integration
• Anti-Passback/Zone Routing
• Multi-Site/Software access controller
• Automatic Reporting/Camera Integration
• Supports single door access control mode
• On Device marketing clips support
• Active directory compliant  385

• BioMaster Pro
• Maximum Devices: 16
• Manage a Master file of Users
• Assign Access Rights to Users
• Basic Device Operations - Full Download, Log Download
• Scheduling of Device Operations
• T&A Export
• Time Limit to prevent double clocking
• Set Multi System User Rights
• Live Dashboard
• Anti-Passback / Zone Routing
• Multi-Site / Software access controller
• Automatic Reporting
• Supports single door access control mode  386

• BioMaster Lite - Works with BioTime only
• Maximum Devices: 6
• Manage a Master file of Users
• Assign Access Rights to Users
• Basic Device Operations - Full Download, Log Download
• Scheduling of Device Operations
• T&A Export
• Supports single door access control mode  387

BioHandheld makes use of Honeywell's OEM 2D and Barcode
Scanner. Our mobile devices are used to manage vehicles, visitors
and contractors effectively by conclusively recording and matching entry and exit events.  388

BioHandheld is a next generation visitor and contractor management technology that typically will replace the old paper based process with an accurate digital visitor and contractor register. Our solution creates automatic event reporting daily, reports are e-mailed to responsible personnel.
BioHandheld has the ability to request information from a Host and send to the Visitor a One time pin validation for Access Control Validation.
Our solution does visitor and contractor Induction for legal compliance.
• On device user definable Terms and Conditions acceptance.
• Direct link to BioAccess and BioLobby
BioHandheld devices will capture and process data automatically. We verify data with multiple databases. Thus guaranteeing you accurate and correct information.
BioHandheld securely registers all your visitors and contractors, in a local or cloud hosted database that is managed by BioCentral.
Information is processed and managed in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) & OHSA compliant environment and is only used for access control purposes
Online ID verification in seconds with Multipliable Data Bases checking and the information is verified in real-time.  389

BioLobby is a self-service Visitor Management Kiosk or
Desktop Solution that allows Visitors or Contractors to self-deploy. 415


User Friendly

BioLobby makes use of User-Friendly screens and step by step instructions to guide visitors or contractors through the required information acquisition.


Stand alone

BioLobby can be implemented as a stands alone solution or can be integrated as part of the BioMaster Suite.


Multi Functional

BioLobby will run on a BioKiosk or as a stand alone system at a reception desk or security desk.  390

The Kiosk includes the following Equipment :

• 21.5" Touch Monitor - offering you the touch experience with unparalleled flexibility and convenience.
• Honeywell 2D and Barcode Scanner
• 5Mp Web Camera
• Speakers
• Thermal Label Printer
• Biometric Take on Reader
• Cooling Fans
• POE Switch
• UPS is a True double-conversion online Smart SNMP ECO mode energy saver.
• 19" Rack mounts
• BioMaster CPU  391

Biolnduction is a customisable Induction, Occupational Health and Safety and Compliance Training platform. This platform has the ability to create any training course with user definable Questions and Answers. The solution utilisers all media tools.  392

Courses can be configured with validation periods and expiry dates can be enforced, expiry dates are directly linked to BioAccess whereby access will be denied if expiry dates are reached.
Audio and visual aids can be used to assist trainees when training or answering relevant questions.
• Course Time Limits can be set
• Default pass mark can be defined
• Maximum attempts can be defined
• Yes / No or Maybe answers can be defined
• Multiple choice answers can be defined
• Induction results can be reported on or previewed
• Pass or Fail scores can be defined
Biolnduction ensures that only compliant employee's, visitors and contractors can gain access to site, this greatly reduces liabilities for the customer.
Biolnduction can be used by a individual or in classroom mode, thus allowing multiple people for induction to speed up the process.  393

BioCheck utilises Southern Africa's market leaders in background screening. The key to BioCheck's has been the company's uncompromising commitment to providing a focused and cost-effective Background Screening service of the highest quality.  394

Along the way, BioCheck has amassed a wealth of experience by defining the background Screening processes in South Africa and have revolutionised the technology systems required to be the most reputable and trustworthy vetting companies in Southern Africa. Sophisticated technology and warm human relationships have forged strong bonds with clients and suppliers alike. The existing BioCheck Management Team continues to be the driving force behind the most trusted Background Screening company in Southern Africa.

• Criminal and Bureau Checks
• Identification and Business Information Checks
• Drivers Licence Checks
• Permit Checks
• Assessments and
Employment References
• FAIS Regulatory Checks
• Educational Checks
• CCMA Checks
• Miscellaneous Checks
• Retail Employment History (ERS)
• Fraud Listing
• PSIRA Verifications
BioCheck is a module that plugs into the platform, this tool has the ability to perform multiple background checks (currently 52).  395

Alcoscan is a high speed automatic industrial breathalyser
that is used to check the breath of workers for alcohol at
Turnstile's, Gates and Entrances to sites, offices, mines, refineries
and warehouses.  396

Result outputs are provided by dry contact relay outputs as well as direct digital output when integrated.
A Pass result allows access and a Fail result prevents access. Breath tests are ethanol specific and perform 12 tests per minute. Alcoscan is built for Industrial and High Security environments.
BioAnalyse integrates directly with BioAccess and restricts access to staff, contractors or visitors that have consumed alcohol.
Performing alcohol scans greatly reduces accidents and incidents on site and ultimately reduces company liability.
Alcoscan is a true Entrance breathalyser system and a fuel cell breath alcohol tester. Re-calibration of the unit is a simple process This is due to the cartridge which has period of validity.
Third party integration made easy with our SDK. BioAnalyse can be used as a standalone unit. 


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