Aimetis Symphony

Aimetis Symphony" is award-winning intelligent video surveillance software  
that offers a single, innovative, open IP video platform for video management,  
video analytics, system integration and alarm management. 

Award Winning Video Surveillance Software

Aimetis Symphony" is award-winning intelligent video surveillance software  that offers a single, innovative, open IP video platform for video management,  video analytics, system integration and  
alarm management. Aimetis Symphony" installs on  standard IT hardware, supports both  
analogue and IP cameras from hundreds of different camera  manufacturers. 

Video analytics include Video motion  detection, Motion tracking,  Left/Removed item detection, People  counting, Dwell time/ Loitering, Wrong  direction, Auto PTZ tracking and  Licence plate recognition With three licences to choose from,  Aimetis Symphony"' has a solution for  every stage on the migration path from  

analogue CCTV to intelligent IP video surveillance. With advanced video search tools, and a  
comprehensive selection of on-demand reports, organizations use Aimetis  Symphony" for business intelligence in  addition to security surveillance,  helping them to plan business  requirements, improve operations  and increase ROI. 

Aimetis Face Recognition

Add an additional layer of security to any video surveillance deployment with Face Recognition analytics. Face Recognition is ideally suited for securing facilities that require a stronger layer of protection for access control.

Face Recognition is designed for real-world security applications, regardless of changes in camera viewpoint, expression, facial hair, glasses, or poor lighting conditions. Users can also protect property from repeat thieves through alert notifications.

Features and Benefits

Identify known and unknown individuals for a variety of applications
Create allow and deny lists, and be alerted when someone on that list is identified
Save time and resources with a robust search functionality that lets users look for registered and unknown people in video
Search across multiple cameras, and filter search results by match score or date and time
Two-factor authentication processes for access control applications that require an added layer of security protection

Symphony 7

Symphony is the new benchmark for intelligent video management software (VMS). Highly scalable, easy to set up and use, Symphony is the perfect solution for both single server installations and multi-server deployments.

• Leverage commercial off-the-shelf computers from leading manufacturers
• Unlimited* cameras per server
• Edge Storage Support
• Automated response to alarms (e.g. send email notification, start recording, etc.)
• Remote Live View
• Video Analytics Support
• Continuous Recording on Motion or Alarm
• Integrated Site Map
• Multi-stream camera support
• Mobile device support (iOS/Android)
• Robust video management recording features:
• Remote live view
• Video playback
• Record on motion
• Integrated site map
• PTZ control
• Multi-stream camera support 

Senstar Symphony Professional – IP Video & Integrated Alarm Management

Symphony Professional combines the robust video recording features of the Standard license with enterprise wide system scalability, third party system integration, and centralized event management capabilities.

Multi-server integration 

Microsoft Active Directory Integration

Integrations to 3rd party systems (e.g. Electronic Access Control Integration)


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