ANV designs and develops digital hardware and software solutions which optimize
open IT and networking standards to deliver our clients systems scalable to our
Client’s corporate growth and IT changes.


ANV Holdings has a pool of well qualified software developers, technicians and planners collectively and have more in electronic enviroment and can customise solutions, services and programmes to fulfull spacific requirements needed for individual clients.
  We are also specialists in comprehensive diversifeid cross-dimensional project managment services. 
Anv Holdings (Pty) Ltd also import and distribute electronic business packages from leading international vendors.
We service corporates, medium and small business in all economic sectors across the globe.
  ANV also provides a full range of ongoing maintenance, SLA and 24/7 management assistance services. We believe in long-term partnerships with our cliendts, so that you can attain total risk control. 
We look forward to being of service and adding you to our list of satisfied customers who have achieved with our services and assistance 


ANV provides a full range of ongoing system maintenance, monitoring and management services including preventative maintenance programs, and 24/7
management assistance. ANV have various Services Level Agreements options that
will suite your individual needs


User friendly, reliable software that will ensure a successful payroll run every time, Our South African developed software is responsible for paying thousands of employees locally and internationally. ANV’s multi-user platform allows users to
generate reports and meaningful business information with ease. ANNUAL LICENSES FEES with Telephonic & Remote Support, guarantee the support you deserve.


ANV is a market leader in providing access control systems for all Corporate and Government Access solutions incorporating card, biometrics, Identity management
and digital video integration. Systems range from single door access to multi-server
regional enterprise systems with Active Directory integration.


ANV implements sophisticated yet easy to use video recording systems that capture
and compress any amount of video allowing you to quickly retrieve, view or send video from anywhere on your network. Analytics ensure that minimal false alarms
are received. ANV partners with all leading industry manufacturers to deliver proven hardware and software solutions using today’s current IT and networking standards.


ANV makes use of the best of breed License Plate Recognition camera’s that recognise and store license plates and events. Our software can perform multiple
intelligent checks that inform responsible persons via Email or SMS Intelligent Database of Denied Incidents and Black Listed Vehicles Direct link to PSI database Direct Live Link to South African Police Services “Unicode Database”
Driver and Vehicle pairing Control Room VMS Software, SOAP (Solution On A Pole)


Widely utilised in other parts of the world, remote video and alarm monitoring is becoming an increasingly-used application in South Africa. ANV’s integrated
approach combines automatic intrusion detection, video motion detection and high speed network transmission to provide real-time monitoring across large sites or
remote and multiple sites.


ANV is recognized as an enterprise solution provider to the Corporate and Government Sectors. ANV’s reliability of its servers, storage, cloud storage, switches and software is used as the basis of our stable solutions. The configuration features of the Web Management utility allows the system administrator to set the IP Address, the user name and the password. The system can easily be maintained by use of
updating & monitoring tools for every status by the system administrator. When an abnormal event occurs on the switch, messages can be set to notify the system administrator of these events. Sophisticated storage hardware enables us to mix SSD, NAS and SAN disks, optimising performance and reduced customer TCO.


ANV offers a range of automated gate solutions for pedestrian and vehicle access control including high-security cantilever sliding gates, high – security rising barriers
and pedestrian optical turnstiles. All gates can be fully integrated with perimeter detection, and access control systems for a complete perimeter security solution.


Our access control systems are designed to provide the ultimate peace of mind solution for our clients. They allow authorized access to areas of the building and deny access to those who have no need or right to be there.

Our Access Control solutions are both flexible and scalable. The systems can operate on Wigand, finger vein, proximity, infra-red and smart control, biometric, hand geometry or facial
recognition systems. Each system is provided with windows style administration programs for total control and provides easy to use reports.


Our custom designed Time & Attendance software has been developed to make use of the internationally recognized SAGEM biometric hardware and Mifare read/write
card technology. Our software solution has secure encryption that allows multi factor user authentication or verification and allows for preset cash payouts. Our superior cutting edge biometric search server application eliminates Ghost beneficiaries and unauthorized payments are eliminated. Our Time & Attendance uses friendly and reliable software that will ensure a successful payroll run every time. Our multi-user
platform allows users to generate reports and meaningful in formation with ease. Multi-User View Option (Department, Cost Centre or Company) User definable system codes (Company, Grades, Occupation, Department)


The presence of Close IP CCTV surveillance and security lighting provides one of the biggest deterrents to would be criminals. Criminals prefer to operate unobserved
and therefore shy away from areas protected by CCTV, opting for “softer” targets. ANV will design and install the best solution for your premises using our years of experience in providing CCTV solutions. Audio technology of the highest quality will allow you to analysis and rate your service counters, customers and service agents.


ANV supply and install wireless technology, fiber and copper based infrastructure.
We provide connectivity solution to suite your business requirements.
• Splicing
• ODTR Testing
• Gas Testing
• Trenching & Civils
• Long Haul


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